Patty y Armando

Nuestra Boda

The Bride and The Groom


Who is Patricia?

An inspiring smile, a helping hand, curious about the world’s cultures and an insatiable need to travel (I would not be surprised if in our honeymoon she asked “So, where are we traveling next year?”).

As a girl she was nicknamed Mother Nature for how she defended and loved it. She also claimed to be Snow White for her sympathy towards animals, because she runs away from appearances and social taboos (the mirror and the witch) and for her concern for the misunderstood (the dwarfs).

She can easily build a relationship with whomever she meets and each one she will relate to an important event in her life.

If she could, she would travel the world helping develop new futures and planting seeds of hope in the less fortunate. She would love to set the corporation’s feet on the ground and open their eyes to the realities of our world.

She never takes “No” for an answer (which sometimes makes her impossible) and she always pushes me to move forward. She supports me when things are not OK, clears my doubts (or complicates them) and promotes my self-esteem.

She has always demonstrated her love and care for our relationship. I could not have a better girlfriend and therefore, I could have not found a better wife.

With the same love she gives me,
Armando (Amore) Busto.


Who is Armando?

A brilliant man with a child’s spirit. His patience is enviable and his tenderness eternal. He grew exposed to Art and inherited a strong gene to create it. He enjoys the luxury of having surprising thoughts that, only in his mind, find a loyal cradle for their existence. There is nothing that does not provoke ideas nor any situation that does not provoke questioning. His passion is calm and constant like a riverbed; and the water of his determination carves little by little every rock in his life.

His strength reveals itself quietly in every success and I have happily accepted he share it with me in every push and every vote of confidence for our love.

In the interest of being realistic his “
Smarty Pants” attitude can get on my nerves, but I still love him!

I love the fact that like me he is passionate about the cultural secrets that live in all culinary expressions and the bliss of travel. We share a unique emotion for nature and justice. Currently we are on a trip with the purpose of bringing us closer and closer to them.

Armando, despite all that I have written above, continues to be a mystery I solve every day and the final answer to every little mystery is always his ecumenical love for me and unconditional love for us.

With all my heart which I now share with you Amore