A.J. Busto

The Ring

When I first thought of propossing I wanted it to be something very special (like we all do). And for me there is nothing more special that giving and receiving something made (or in this case designed) by one's self. So I started thinking on how to represent both of us on a ring.

First thing that came into my mind is that we are two different persons that interlace to become a couple. This is why the diamond should be sustained by both of us in a dynamic game of interlaced movement. Then I noticed that since both of us have completely different styles, each side of the ring should be a counterpart of the other. The round side represents my future wife because she is soft and kind; while the squared side represents me because I am more analytic and tough. (But also notice how the bottom of the squared side is rounded because I also have a flexible and smooth imagination).

I would have loved to see this ring in my fiancé's finguer but I was unable to find a jeweler that could make it a reality. Everyone said it was going to be too fragile and the stone might fall down. Well, they are the experts, so I guess I have to get back to the ring for our 25th aniversary.